Bringing "peace" and "joy" to our employees

Ginpei Global is aiming for "long established company" and to make our customers and employees happy. Not only making our customers happy, but we also continue to make our employees happy.
Let's work together to find a way to make company, customers, society, finally and most importanly, making yourself happy. Working with us will make a bright future throughout the world.


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There are various nationalities working together and respecting each other's cultures / ideas at Ginpei Global. We have trainings and 1 on 1 meetings on a regular basis to support you until you get used to the job and the environment.
We are aiming to achieve the new hire turnover rate at 0% and the promotion to full-time employees rate at 100%.

Selection Flow

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※There may be 2 interviews or the entire selection process may be scheduled on the same day in some cases.
※First interview can be held online.

Recruitment Type

We are not currently accepting applications.

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