Ginpei Global's trading market is in Asia,Europe,America,Australia, and all around the world. To promote more and increase the sales of all the japanese products in the national market, we are strengthening our brand power while developing effective marketing strategies.

We have a passion to spread our high quality japanese products to the world. With a strict quality control, we are able to deliver trust and satisfaction to all of our customers. Offering our marketing strategies and logistics, the optimization have a high effect on sales strategy and making smooth deliveries become real.

We value our partnership with our customers to build a future where japanese products are loved by everyone around the world.


01 Corporate Philosophy

We focus on building a "long established company" that all manufacuturers and customers can trust. Also for striving long term stable growth,coexsistence, and co-prosperity with each other.

02 Vision

With a respect for different cultures in different countries, we offer our best service and smooth procurement of products to meet the requirements. We aim for the world to be able to use and share high quality daily necessities.

03 Value

For the pleasure of our customers and the happiness for our employees, we respond to the times of constant change by respecting each one of empolyees' independence. We also encourage their creativity to continue our usual innovations.



Wishing smiles and happiness to all

In recent years, with the globalization of business and the promotion of DX expanding the market size throughout the world, the business environment has become even more severe than before. Diversification of consumers is leading to focus more on the features and specs with their experiences or emotions. Also focusing on the richness of the relationship to change the values.

Even with the country or region's specific context in the background, Japanese companies' skills,technologies, and product developments are highly rated. We would need to take an advantage of these skills and use them to develop more in the business, in order to survive in the future.

Ginpei Global have a long term experience and achievements in domestic and international tradings. By conducting through each country and region, we are developing our business with brand strategies that match the characteristics of each area. Our business partners are currently in Asia, America, Europe, and Australia, and we are also planning to expand our business by increasing various markets in the future.
As our company name "Ginpei Global", we need to have a global perspective and sometimes consumer prospective at the same time to continuously create values that exceed the expectations of our valued stakeholders around the world.
Now that the times are changing rapidly, we will keep challenging ourselves to always provide the best information, products, and services to our customers.

Wishing to deliver smiles and happiness to everyone with an indomitable spirit. All of our employees will work together as one to make each one of our customers happy. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you.
Ginpei Global Corporation
Representative Director
Masahiro Fukuzawa


Company's Name
Capital Stock
Headquarter Location
3rd and 4th floor, VCT Building, 2-19-9 Nihonbashihamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0007
Otsuka Branch Location
Lucille Minami Otsuka1F, 3-22-13 Minami Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0005, Japan
Saitama Sales Branch Location
3-2-18 Yanagisaki, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama 333-0861, Japan
Phone Number
Representative Director
Masahiro Fukuzawa
Business Activities
1) Trading Business (Export / Import)
Business Item: Food, Alcoholic Beverages, Baby Products, Daily Necessities, Cosmetics, Pet Products, Kitchen Products
2) OEM Business
3) Beverage Business
4) Real Estate Business
Main Exporting Countries
Canada, Australia, Malasia, Singapore, Phillipines, Chile, America, China, Vietnam, United Kingdom


  • Ginpei Global Corporation first established in Ikebukuro,Toshima-ku, Tokyo
  • Started exporting baby products
  • First exported to China, then expanded to markets in Asia
  • Started handling daily necessities
  • Moved headquarters to Minami Otsuka, Toshima-ku in Tokyo
  • Started handling food products
  • Developed market in Australia
  • Started handling pet products
  • Developed market in Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Phillipines, Singapore)
  • Started handling kitchen products
  • Developed market in North America (America, Canada)
  • Developed market in South America (Chile)
  • Obtained real estate transaction business license
  • Obtained liquor sales license, started handling alcoholic beverages
  • Started the real estate business
  • Head office relocated to Nihonbashi Hamacho, Tokyo