"Export" and "Whole Sale"

Ginpei Global mainly run a business for export and whole sale. We have transaction results in Asia, America, Europe, and Australia. We introduce high quality japanese products by using experiences and achievements to offer sevices across borders.
We also offer a customer business support and consultant business by uisng a worldwide transportation knowledge, marketing knowledge, and information network with business partners.


FEATURE 01 Trust based on many years of achievements and experiences

Since we have established our company,we have developed our knowledge on shipping and air transportation to all over the world and saving up many years of experiences. By having those skills and knowledge, we are able to provide safe and secured transactions with high reliability.

FEATURE 02 Provide values, not material goods

One of the Ginpei Global characteristics is handling variety of products such as beverages, food, daily necessities, cosmetics, pet food and more. We don't just provide material goods, but we provide the values to share "added values" all over the world.

FEATURE 03 Bringing happiness to all the stakeholders

We have a mission to bring happiness not only to our direct business partners, but to all the consumers, partner companies, stockholders, and employees.


We work directly with the distibutors, wholesalers, and retailers around the world in our export business to make the best commercial distibution and logistics services. With using our own shipping and air transportation knowledge that we developed for a long time, we also export on behalf of our customers.



Using our information network and purchasing power built since the company was established, we are able to provide products through wholesale, which is difficult for other companies to do. We do not just provide the products selected with some specs, but we propose their added values such as the enjoyment and convenience value that can be felt by using them.


Trading Country

Starting with China, we are currently expanding our business to Asia, Australia, Southeast Asia, South / North America, and more.
We are planning to strengthen our buisness and focus more on Asia and America from now on.

Trading Country Trading Country