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"Ginpei Global Corporation." continues to challenge innovation on a daily basis to create a rich lifestyle for all customers in the world. Products that receive diverse needs from all over the world are made in Japan that are gaining credibility from all over the world and are very pleased from those who delivered. As long as there is a need, the market in the world is our business field. We will respond to customers' needs of the world with our own service.




Ginpei Global has established its own business network in the Asia / Oceania region such as Vietnam and Indonesia, Russia, India etc. We realize smooth delivery by close cooperation with good partner companies in each country. In addition to overseas, we have realized delivery of goods that were purchased in various forms throughout Japan through a powerful combination with major logistics companies in Japan. Regardless of the quantity of purchase quantity, we will deliver "secure" from your order to delivery.


  • ベビー用品


    Baby Products

    Baby products such as milk powder, disposable diapers, baby bottles.

  • 日用雑貨


    Daily goods

    We handle dealing products such as laundry detergent, deodorant, insect repellant, shampoo, conditioner etc, which are surely used in everyday life.

  • 化粧品



    Women's popular cosmetics such as face mask, moisturizing gel, skin care etc.

  • 飲料・食品


    Beverages / Foods

    Soft drinks, dried noodles, sugar, coffee, processed foods and so on.

  • アルコール類



    Japanese sake, local beer, sho-chu, whiskey etc.

  • We offer baby products, everyday goods, cosmetic supplies, lifestyle goods and other products related to lifestyle to all over the world....


Regarding business expansion, contract employees and full-time employees are recruiting.

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