At Ginpei Global, we are delivering to customers in various forms, from purchasing products and delivering ordered items in Japan to delivery and export agency. Since we are exporting to various countries around the world since our establishment, we have accumulated various transport know-how such as shipping and air transport. If you have any problems with exporting, please do not hesitate to contact us.


While conducting direct deals with overseas distributors / wholesalers and retailers, we realize optimal commercial flow and logistics services. Even companies without export know-how, we will accept export proxy (Our company name is Your company) at our company if there are business partners overseas.


It is possible to combine the information network of the wholesaler who made the relationship strongly from the beginning of the company and the original input of our company, offer by difficult purchase of goods and wholesale by other companies. In addition, we can also pick up to our warehouse in Saitama branch office (face-to-face sales: advance reservation required).