We are engaged in various genre-free products such as baby products in Japan manufacturing (Made in Japan), household goods including daily necessities, foods, soft drinks, alcohol, toys, pet supplies etc. in China, Korea, Taiwan, We are exporting to various parts of the world including Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and so on. Today, with the trust of existing overseas business partners, we continue to carry out export business, and in Japan we have received many inquiries through the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, SNS tools and the Internet, We export various goods according to. In addition, we participate in annual business, banking, private business level business meetings and exhibitions, we are expanding Japanese products. In addition, it realizes shampoo, body soap, conditioner development and cosmetic OEM etc. It is also sold as overseas people PV (Private Bland).

  • ベビー用品


    Baby goods

    Baby bottles, disposable diapers, powdered milk, oral care products, insect repellent seals, various gels, sprays, etc.

  • 日用雑貨


    Daily goods

    Sanitary products, oral care products, body care products, kim care products, hair care products, face care products

  • コスメ用品



    Basic cosmetics, finishing cosmetics

  • 食品



    Dried noodles, seasoning, processed food, candy, health food, etc.

  • お酒(ALCOHOL)



    Breweries, sake, wine, shochu, vodka, whiskey, cocktail,shochu high,etc.

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