PRIVACYPrivacy Policy

■About Privacy
Ginpei Global Corporation. promises to always pay close attention to your privacy and information on individual customers.

About the handling of personal information
In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law, we handle your personal information in the following way.

1.Scope of application of "About the handling of personal information"

"About the handling of personal information" is applied when the customer is using our service. In addition, personal information acquired when the customer uses our service is managed according to "Handling of personal information". Our "About the handling of personal information" is not applied to individuals and organizations which our company does not directly manage. Also, if you are under the age of 16 using our service, please be sure to obtain permission from the parent.

2.Purpose of using personal information

We may use personal information we got from customers for the following purposes.

・In order to use the service on our website.
・For order receipt, delivery of goods delivery.
・To answer inquiries about ordering, after-sales service etc.
・In order to respond to inquiries concerning the use of our service.
・In addition to credit survey in the case of payment by credit card, in order to acquire information on settlement in financial institutions etc.
・To distribute information, questionnaires, holidays etc. of products and services of our company and other companies by mail, fax, mailing and other means.
・Market research to better serve your offer, for other research studies.

Except for cases based on laws and ordinances and cases where you separately received your consent, we will not use for purposes other than those stated above.

3.Provision of personal information to third parties

We do not provide personal information to third parties without obtaining the consent of the customer himself / herself. However, personal information may be provided for the following usage.

<Use based on laws and regulations>
When we are requested to disclose personal information from court, administrative agency, regulatory authority or other public institution, we may respond to such request based on laws and regulations.

4.About shared use

We will not share your information with you.

5.About the deposit of personal information to a third party

We may deposit your personal information in the following cases. In that case, we will implement necessary and appropriate measures, such as selecting a company that meets our company's personal information criteria and concluding a contract to protect personal information.
・When delegating logistics / delivery work of products purchased.

6.Notice, Disclosure, Correction, Deletion, Stop Usage or Provision of Purpose of Use of Personal Information

We can request the Company to notify, disclose, correct, delete, use or provide the purpose of use only for the personal information you have deposited. In that case, if there is an error in the personal information, we will take immediate action such as correction. In the case of notifying, disclosing, correcting, deleting, stopping use or offering of usage purpose, see below 9. Please contact the reception desk described in. We will send you guidance such as submission confirmation data etc from our company.

For notification and disclosure of purpose of use, a fee of 2160 yen (including tax) will be charged.

The following information may be possessed by the Company after the customer's registration is canceled.
・Backup file created by us for disaster countermeasures.
・Access log file accumulated by our server.

7.About personal information to keep

If there is falsehood, shortage or deficiency in the content of personal information, delivery of ordered items and service may not be performed normally, so please be aware in advance.

8.About person responsible for personal information

Person responsible for personal information of our company shall be the person in charge of personal information management.

9.Inquiries window on personal information

Inside Ginpuri Global Corporation, Personal Information Management Officer / FAX:03-6912-9729

Enforced September 1, 2018

Privacy policy
As a company engaged in sales of products handled by the Internet dealing with personal information, we recognize that our response to personal information protection is a serious social responsibility, protecting the rights of ourselves and protecting personal information We will comply with related laws and regulations.

1.We will acquire, use and provide personal information only to the extent necessary for our business activities, and will not use it for purposes other than purpose.
2.We will comply with laws and other norms concerning personal information.
3.We will take reasonable safety measures concerning the prevention and correction of personal information leakage, loss or damage, and introduce management resources tailored to the latest technology trends.
4.Regarding the personal information we hold, we will accept receipt at customer's inquiries, requests for correction etc., complaints and consultation etc. at the following window and we will respond promptly.

<Complaints and consultation window on this policy and personal information>
Ginpei Global Corporation. Personal Information Management Officer / FAX:03-6912-9729
Please contact us.

Date of enactment: September 1, 2018
Ginpei Global Corporation
CEO Chen Ping